Auro Palomba

Community Group
Chairman and Founder

Community Public Affairs

About us

Launched in 2013, Community Public Affairs is the Brussels based division of Community Group. As an EU public affairs advisory agency, we dedicate ourselves to developing EU-focused public affairs campaigns that deliver results. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our work and believe that a client relationship built on mutual trust is the key to achieving success.

Our team is comprised of senior professionals with extensive experience in public affairs and a group of talented consultants with expertise in a variety of sectors. We understand the importance of relating our work to the core business objectives of our clients and consider this to be the cornerstone of our work.

Code of conduct

We believe that the public affairs profession contributes to a healthy democratic EU process, acting as a link between the world of business, civil society and policy-makers. Community Public Affairs respects the need for our professionals to act in an honest, responsible and courteous manner when engaging with external stakeholders at EU and Member State level. We are committed to applying the highest professional standards and as such are registered on the European Transparency Register.


Chairman and Founder, Auro PalombaExecutive Message

As the capital of Europe and a centre for international regulatory activity, Brussels is a hub of activity affecting the everyday lives of European citizens. As a focal point for policymakers, businesses and the media, it is an ideal platform for those wishing to communicate to an ever expanding audience.

For over ten years Community Group has been a leader in financial, corporate and crisis communications. Providing a range of services our Group’s clients represent a wide variety of sectors including technology, financial services and consumer goods. Our expansion into the field of public affairs represents the reality of today’s business environment where a proactive public affairs strategy is critical to the growth of a company.

This business is all about the people. Our team of motivated and passionate consultants works diligently to provide creative solutions for our clients. I believe that our multi-disciplinary approach to public affairs and global advisory is ideal for responding to the high level of competition and dynamism of today’s markets. Our goal has always been to work strategically and proactively for and with clients as a partner to achieve their full public affairs and communications potential.